Ateam AmeriCorps Member Spotlight: Holly Gaines



Holly is a first year member serving students at Brazzel Middle School in Allen county! Hat’s off to Holly for her great service!! Thank you for lovin’ on these students!!

 I am Holly Gaines and this is my first school year serving with AmeriCorps. It has been a HUGE blessing. I have met so many talented and caring students and I have also received wonderful experience to further my education as I major in elementary education. In furthering my education, I am blessed to be receiving this ed award to help pay for some classes and textbooks. Through service, I have learned that there are many kids who lack attention, love, compassion and confidence. They come to school to escape the worries of a negative home life and teachers and staff are there to serve and lift them up. These students are simply happy if you smile at them or compliment them on their outfit, or anything. I truly hope I have touched a student in some way through this service and I hope they know they are loved and will accomplish great things in the world.