AmeriCorps Member Suggests Community Get Involved

AmeriCorps Member Suggests Community Get Involved


Programs that each take a different approach to improve lives.


Brie Greer is the only AmeriCorps member at Owensboro High School, and she hopes that changes in the future. The group, which is a network of national service programs, is made up of three primary programs that each take a different approach to improve lives and fostering civic engagement.


Members commit their time to address critical community needs like increasing academic achievement, mentoring youth, fighting poverty, sustaining national parks, preparing for disasters, and more.


Greer, who is a senior at Kentucky Wesleyan College and also works for OHS, said while there are members at other schools in the area, she encourages more people to get involved with the organization.


“I think students should join this program after high school because it can open so many doors for a future job and you make really good connections,” Greer said. “I would recommend this program to anyone who loves to work with students.”  


AmeriCorps offers a variety of service opportunities, from the classroom to the outdoors, and everything in between.


Greer’s service for Americorps is to help with college applications, FAFSA and signing up for the ACT.


“I pretty much help with the things you need in order to get into college or technical school,” she said. “I work one-on-one with students and sometime their parents to get those things done.”


She said she thinks Americorps is a great program because it gets her foot in the door at a school system and she receives scholarship money for her service.


Greer originally started with Americorps after her aunt served with them and suggested Greer to do the same.


Shannon Bailes, co-director of the ATEAM AmeriCorps, said, “no matter what you’re passionate about, where you’re from, or why you choose to serve, AmeriCorps is your chance to be the greater good.”


The ATEAM is a part of the Corporation for National and Community Service and is supported by the Kentucky Commission on Community and Volunteer Service. ATEAM AmeriCorps is the program that is used at OHS.


More than 75,000 Americans across the country participate in AmeriCorps each year. All of them are tackle different community needs in different ways.


Depending on the program where members serve, AmeriCorps members can assist students in academic success at all levels of education, college preparedness, workforce preparedness, an mentoring.


Bailes said some of the benefits of service include student loan deferment, skills and training.


“Another benefit is upon completion of service, AmeriCorps can help pay for college, graduate school, or vocational training, or repay student loans and career opportunities with leading employers from the private, public and nonprofit sectors.”
















AmeriCorps Week

AmeriCorps Week

AmeriCorps Week 2019 (March 10-16, 2019)

A celebration of all things AmeriCorps – from the programs and organizations that make this national service initiative possible in thousands of locations, to the members who have pledged to “Get Things Done” since the program’s inception in 1994.

ATEAM AmeriCorps Member: Holly Gaines

ATEAM AmeriCorps Member: Holly Gaines

Ateam AmeriCorps Member Spotlight: Holly Gaines



Holly is a first year member serving students at Brazzel Middle School in Allen county! Hat’s off to Holly for her great service!! Thank you for lovin’ on these students!!

 I am Holly Gaines and this is my first school year serving with AmeriCorps. It has been a HUGE blessing. I have met so many talented and caring students and I have also received wonderful experience to further my education as I major in elementary education. In furthering my education, I am blessed to be receiving this ed award to help pay for some classes and textbooks. Through service, I have learned that there are many kids who lack attention, love, compassion and confidence. They come to school to escape the worries of a negative home life and teachers and staff are there to serve and lift them up. These students are simply happy if you smile at them or compliment them on their outfit, or anything. I truly hope I have touched a student in some way through this service and I hope they know they are loved and will accomplish great things in the world.

ATEAM AmeriCorps serves Veterans and Active Duty Service members for Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Day

ATEAM AmeriCorps serves Veterans and Active Duty Service members for Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Day

ATEAM AmeriCorps helps students make Valentines for Veterans. 


To celebrate the life of MLK, Jr and to support his vision for all of us, members of ATEAM AmeriCorps
worked with students to make Valentines for veterans and Active Duty Service members.


Cards and letters were sent to about 3,000 veterans. ATEAM reached out to over 3700 service members
to let them know we will never forget their sacrifice to and for our country.


This service is a labor of love for all of our members, students and volunteers that work on this project.
Over 5800 volunteers served over 300 hours to make this a reality!
Hats off to ATEAM members and their students!!

We’re Hiring – ATEAM AmeriCorps

We’re Hiring – ATEAM AmeriCorps

We're-Hiring Banner

We’re Hiring Awesome People at AmeriCorps

We’re hiring! It’s Recruitment time for ATEAM AmeriCorps! It’s that time of the year when we are looking for candidates to serve in National Service through ATEAM AmeriCorps. If you are interested in serving your community and students who just need a “hands up” in reading and math skills, you may have come to the right place! Do YOU want to make a difference in your community and the life of a child? Do YOU want to learn more about National Service? Do YOU want to learn new skills that will help you in later life?

Do you want to earn an ed award to help you get your education, complete your education or pay down student loans? Then you have come to the right place!!!

We currently have openings in the following counties!

Fulton Independent
Glasgow IND
Mayfield IND
Owensboro IND
If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions…Contact us!